Thursday, September 15, 2011

Unfun vs The Glory of Cool Things

At Red Castle I saw this situation:

Guy playing Kaalia of the Vast, another playing Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund, the third Damia, Sage of Stone.

It doesn't matter what the other two players were doing, honestly, because the Damia player got out a Dream Halls and once that happened everything else was going to be a wash. This is precisely what happened as the Damia player bounced or killed everyone's creatures and forced opponents to discard their hands in one fell swoop. Short of countermagic, there was no way to interact with the Damia player.

Now, it should be noted that the Damia player also had: Leyline of Anticipation, Geth's Grimoire, Library of Leng, Megrim and another three artifacts or enchantments that I can't remember. The Damia player should not have been allowed to get as far he did and so in every important way, the other two players are to blame for their loss.

That said; Commander is supposed to be a more casual, fun format. Is Dream Halls really a fun card? Is this deck, geared to set its combo up, really about the glory of cool things or is it about doing something that people hate?

I don't think that question needs to be answered definitively, it's just one that I think ought to be taken into consideration. Yeah, yeah, you can't predict what will happen when you play with strangers because sometimes the soul crushing unfun decks are precisely what ought to be played. The environment rules the choices of the player.

But I've had people tell me that the most fun they've had playing at RC was against me with a deck that really wanted to do neat things. Set your priorities accordingly, I suppose.

Now, that all said, what can we learn from this situation about the Commander format?

Mass removal > spot removal.

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  1. "Mass removal > spot removal."

    And this is why I paid for that Damnation card.