Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quit making me hate flavor

Just read this.

Maybe you'll ask yourself, what "famed Nephalian astronomancer Jenrik" are they talking about? The one mentioned once, on this card and nowhere else?

Which makes me ask all kinds of questions. For example: If he's so famous, why isn't he mentioned more? It's not like the moon doesn't matter in this set.

If a planeswalker has been there the whole time, why hasn't there been a hint of that? You'd think it would be a big enough deal to mention, right?

WotC wants to show me a gun in Act 3 that didn't exist before that moment. That's stupid.

I don't object to this card: it's a solid card. I object to the execution of this card, which is abhorrent, given how tightly they've been keeping the theme prior to this. A theme that I think they did really well with in every manner but mechanical. To throw this out there without any support for it? To have a reveal like this but not give hints out? Because I would have accepted this if they'd mentioned it before, just given the abilities of planeswalkers!

It's's bad and they should feel bad.


  1. You know, I saw this card last night, and my thought was, "How much is D M going to be upset by this card? Probably a lot."

    Because _I_ was upset with this card. "Oh, hey, look a Soratami! You know, in our horror block! Just kinda...visiting. Yeah, visiting. Going on zombie safaris!"

    Also: I'm glad blue got another planeswalker in the horror block. Which makes red to be, so far, the _only_ color not to have a planeswalker. In a horror block.

    1. Whoops. Best not to open my mouth too soon, eh?


    2. I really like Tibalt.

      Like, lots.