Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blow Up All The Things?

I had two games against a G/W Opalescence deck and this matchup was a challenge because both of us were working similar lines of play: do what we can to extend the game, then overwhelm the opponent. In the case of the Enchantress deck, the hope is to stall out using Solitary Confinement then use Opalescence to swing with a bunch of enchantments to win.

In both matchups, Scourglass was incredibly important to help extend things for me, as was Norn's Annex.

Unfortunately, in both matchups, the Enchantress deck was able to rebuild faster and I could not draw another reset for the board. My Annex is awesome against a deck that cannot tap a Serra's Sanctum to generate as much white as it needs to win but if that deck can...well, I seemed to have a bit more trouble.

It is entirely likely that I rushed the games, setting Scourglass off when I didn't need to and before I could just sweep in and win. Having a limitation on when I could activate Scourglass probably made me twitchy and since the Annex, as good as it was, didn't help me as much as I'd like in those games, I can look back and judge that yes, I probably needed to hold off for a turn.

Ethersworn Canonist was the bee's knees though and a problem for Enchantress--when it arrived. Alas, despite running four copies it only came up once and was promptly wrecked by a Seal of Cleansing.

That was the only match I got to play though and Ratchet needs a lot more testing. There's lenty of time to work it out though and I look forward to solving this puzzle.

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