Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Remember how I said that the mana would now wreck me?

Well it did in my first game against Noah, who was piloting his Birthing Pod deck. So let's hear it for predictions!

My next set of matches weren't plagued by this issue and I played hard fought but losing matches. This wasn't so bad: interesting matches are a good sign, especially against a deck like Pod, which is established. The weakest link was Phyrexian Boon, which isn't too surprising as it is unfortunately situational, even for my deck. Going against a BUG Pod deck? Even fewer targets.

The challenge for me is simple: is the flexibility of the Boon worth it? At the moment, I have to say it isn't, especially since I'm running the exceptionally useful Cloud of Faeries which cannot be targeted by the Boon. At the same time, I really do not want to be stuck with removal spells that are too limited. Lash Out is fun but I can't redirect it at someone's dome if they happen to be creatureless.

The Charms are very, very useful and in every game I've been able to play them, they've proved invaluable.

It's the getting to play them aspect that becomes worrisome. Three different mana is quite the demand for the kind of flexibility the Charms provide. I'm not looking to get rid of the Charms but I do need to make some concessions to practicality. Creatures are pretty important and I probably won't find myself sad if I have proper removal. It's time to go to the binders.

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