Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Ugly Waste of Clay

What Doesn't Die responded well to the changes, with the card draw and easy graveyard access giving me some legs against, as pictured, a R/w burn deck piloted by Noah. In that particular matchup, Goblin Welder's text read, 'Target opponent discards Lightning Bolt' so there weren't really any issues as with last time.

We played a few games with this matchup and they were all pretty close. The key card for me was, naturally, Wurmcoil Engine, with Platinum Angel running a close second and Noah's only response to those cards involved either Oblivion Ring (for Wurmcoil) or a whole lot more burn shot at a creature than he'd like-Platinum Angel taking up two shots for his one.

I imagine that things will look very different once Dragons of Tarkir comes out and Myth Realized becomes available, growing for free every turn. Wasting two spells to kill one of my best creatures and growing your own by two seems like a solid plan.

I've just realized that Prowess (and Myth Realized's take on Prowess) is a bit like a Storm mechanic for creatures. I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the upside, creatures are more interactive and vulnerable. On the downside; Storm is still one of the most insular mechanics ever created. It hasn't been broken yet, so there's likely nothing to fret about.

In the meantime, I'm calling this deck a success! Sure, it would have a lot of trouble against a blue control deck but...shit, everything does. Besides, under those circumstances, I'll just swap out Juggernaut and Synod Centurion for discard and everything will workout fine!


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