Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Taking Things Apart

I don't know that Tinkertoy is fast enough. Or maybe I need to think of it differently: I don't know that Tinkertoy is defensive enough.

I played a game against Matt, who was trying out a new deck and his was unrefined enough that the speed of my deck didn't matter. I got my first taste of the mental resources it takes to keep track of Storm counts though, leading to a few misplays in my final turn that nearly lead to my defeat. I lucked through them (which is good) and I hope to use that experience play better in the future. It's going to mean some very deliberate decisions though, for awhile.

Then I played two matchups against Noah and those didn't go as well. He was playing aggressive decks: Kithkin WW and R/w burn and against both of them, I couldn't get anything off the ground. I needed Sunbeam Spellbomb to appear against burn and it just wouldn't--but we realized in game two that it wouldn't matter because Eidolon of the Great Revel (which appeared in both games) nullifies my entire strategy.Aether Spellbomb would have helped--but again, nowhere to be found.

Against the Kithkin deck, I was able to stall with Ghostly Prison, but I still couldn't draw into the cards I needed to generate a victory condition. Even with the Vedalken Archmage out (which is blinded by the light in that photo) I still couldn't draw into what I needed.

Myr Servitor didn't really behave the way I hoped, so that's coming out. I got a recommendation via Reddit to add Fabricate: if I have any, it's probably worth the time. If not, then perhaps it's time to shore up the copies of the Spellbombs in the deck.

In addition, I'm finding that I really want two Archmage out to consistently go off-and even then it's challenging. I often draw cards I cannot play-most often lands. This level of fragility suggests that this deck will never be in my top tier of decks but maybe I can make it less brittle. It's also goosing me to think of something really outside the box: Mana Severance.

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