Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bigger Than Big

This is a problem:

I'm supposed to have giant dragons on the battlefield and instead I have...Fledgling Dragon. One.

I played a few games with Gigantor as it was in order to get a sense of what it needed. The basic problem: I couldn't stick a big enough threat on the board.

This might be due to some variance: mana issues were abundant in the games that day. That should be unusual, since I have eight ways to boost my mana production.

But mana production doesn't matter if I follow it up with a 2/2 flier as a threat. That's just terrible.

I know going in that most of the decks I'm going to be playing are rough, but I rarely have an idea of how rough. This one is needs a whole lot of sanding down.

I've got some ideas for changes and writing this reminds me that Gigantor is a pretty good opportunity for cards like Radiant Flames and Painful Truths to find a home. Cheap solutions to give me time to put threats on the board should be right in the arena of what Gigantor wants to do.

 In addition, a commenter from the Reddit thread where I posted the deck reminded me that Thunderbreak Regent exists-for some reason I forget about that card-as well as Scourge of Valkas, which is very tempting but at RRR in the mana cost is probably not going to fly.


  1. I use to have a dragon deck. Zirilan of the claw for dragon tyrant was usually the win con. Pretty easy to make happen. Think I had a compliment of belbes portals if I didn't have a zirilan.

    Ramp was usually seething song, lotus petals, and rite of flame.

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  3. It is worth noting I used scion of dragon and bladewing the risen to get around zirilans negative.

    1. I'm not sure how that combo works, since Zirilan exiles the creature.

      Belbe's Portal might be an excellent addition though!

    2. Bring out scion for 3 from zirilan, pay 2 dump tyrant graveyard; swing lots of damage.
      Next turn, bring out bladewing etb trigger bringing tyrant from graveyard; swing with bladewing.
      If they don't concede (18 damage so far and you have a flying conan the barbarian on the board)... upkeep pay for dragon tyrant. If you have any mana use for flying pumps for finish.

      Otherwise, another strategy...just bring out bogarden hellkites for 3 until you have mana to do what I previously mentioned.