Thursday, September 8, 2011

Destined to lose

I'm playing a U/W/B deck with a Sword of the Meek/Thopter Foundry combo vs Hypergenesis.

My deck wants to use Thopter Foundry to generate a lot of flying tokens and win, his wants to cascade on turn 3 or sooner into Hypergenesis put down huge creatures and win.

It's game 3 and on turn three the Hypergenesis goes off. My hand has a couple lands but also a Sharding Sphinx, a Sphinx Sovereign, a Sword of the Meek and a Thirst for Knowledge so I think: hey, I'm OK. I didn't have the mana to play the Thirst; perhaps waiting for the Hypergenesis and casting that would've been wise. I don't know what I would've drawn but it probably wouldn't have mattered.

Him: Angel of Despair, target a land: I'm down to two lands now.

Me: Sphinx Sovereign.

Him: Angel of Despair, target the Sovereign

Me: Sharding Sphinx

Him: Angel of Despair, target the-

Me: Fuck that, I concede. Jesus.

Him: I also had a Bogardan Hellkite.


Because now it's bothering me: What could I have done in that situation?

Nothing. He could've just kept going and the best play was to keep going, until all three Angels and the Hellkite were in play, leaving me at 15 life with 20 coming in the air next turn. If I decide not to respond, he can stop adding things via Hypergenesis, keep the 5/5 Angel in play and kill me in 4 turns.

Sometimes, I just have to accept I'm going to lose.

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