Thursday, June 21, 2012


Maybe the name I chose for this deck was more appropriate than I thought it was. What a friggin' mess this is:
2 Fungal Shambler
3 Gaea's Skyfolk
2 Anavolver
3 Urborg Elf
2 Vorosh, the Hunter
3 Dimir Guildmage
4 Lhurgoyf
3 Deadwood Treefolk

2 Opt
3 Recoil
3 Vendetta
4 Memory Lapse

4 Phyrexian Lens

3 Swamp
4 Salt Marsh
7 Island
8 Forest
The only thing that ties this deck together is the fact that it's all printed on cardboard and sleeved in plastic.  Looking at it, I can understand why I ignored this poor selection of cards; I don't have a theme driving it nor a hook to keep me interested. There's no reason for it to win and every reason to lose. 

So it's time to fix this pile and that means first, remembering why I built it. The Fungal Shambler was definitely an inspiration, and Urborg Elf is a mana fixer so let's keep those; as a matter of fact, I ought to go up to four. Vorosh will probably stay because 6/6 flyers for 6 that have a nice ability never suck.

The Skyfolk, the Guildmage: these don't fit in well. Vendetta is probably too expensive for what I want or there are likely better options.

The Lhurgoyf, this presents an interesting thought, given what Innistrad and Dark Ascension, along with the Treefolk. Maybe this deck wants to go into a 'big creatures + big graveyard' theme? I think I'll give that a go.

Unfortunately, I'm running out of time so let's shift gears, albeit briefly.

There have been complaints about Avacyn Restored as a draft format. I can't speak to them because I don't draft but: I've been playing games of sealed and enjoying the hell out of them. Even the girlfriend got in on it:

sealed decks

It's fun! If draft isn't working, give the sealed thing a shot. Maybe it'll be more amusing?

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