Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Task At Hand

Tooling about the Reddit MtG forum, I said that I had 160 decks. Pretty close to the truth: 163, according to the tally in Cockatrice, where I re-build all my decks. That may seem silly but it helps with testing and functions as a 'backup' if you will to my meatspace decks, in case I lose or fuck up something.

Point being: I was asked for a picture of that and I thought that
it might be something to share. After all, this is the basis for the blog. Plus, it's a chance to get some pictures in and this blog isn't very photo-riffic. So here we go:

all the decks

I put the beer bottle in for scale and the decks on top are Commander decks. Unfortunately, the bottom row of those are obscured by the top of the boxes.

But yes, every single deck in that photo can be played. They aren't all good mind you but they are playable decks. Making them more playable is why I'm doing this: re-evaluating these decks, even as casual fun, in front of an audience forces me to think through my decisions better.

Anyway, that's the stack. Let's keep going, shall we?

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