Thursday, September 6, 2012

This one is late

Continuing the revisiting of decks to see where they're going, I have this post, which I meant to get up sooner, but then PAX happened and now we're here.

The setting: NWIPA, where my girlfriend and I have come out to have a beer.

Though my girlfriend meant to bring a bears deck to hammer me with, she forgot it and thus was stuck with my creations. For a player like her who is still pretty inexperienced in the game I figured Hard Time Killing Floor Blues would suit pretty well. I took up the Scavenger deck to see how it would withstand a blue rush.

It didn't stand so much as feebly rise and then collapse. Though I was able to get out a bunch of flying creatures what you see in the photo is her hammering at me for 7: 5 in the air and 2 via the shadow. The shadow creature was Curiosity'd up and she had been drawing cards every turn to keep the pressure on.

So even though she only drew 3 lands during the entire game, it was enough to pull out the match win, 2-0.

However, what I picked up in those games is that while Ghastly Demise is good, I have a manabase that can support Skinrender. I was concerned that coming up with double black would be difficult but I don't think it's as big a worry as I made it up in my head and Skinrender fits a bit better with the overall theme.

The second thing is: Shadow > Flying and I should probably have more Drifters in the deck than Spindrift Drakes. Unblockability is huge and nearly everything else I have already flies, so having a way to get around an opponent's fliers is critical, because my creatures won't be bigger than my opponent's.

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