Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Good Idea Is A Good Idea

Let me get it out of the way: I lost the two matches I played against stonethorn. In the first game, against a Birthing Pod deck, the Wall of Tanglecords did exactly what they were supposed to do: stall out.

What they couldn't do is fix the game so I could win. I played a late Howling Mine in a desperate hope to get some cards to play with all the mana I could generate but it was not meant to be.

I did win the second game, via Lattice/Tryant combo, and this win got the seal of approval from stonethorn. He and Jason have similar deckbuilding mindsets so I take this as a good sign overall. 

The third game had an overwhelming Primeval Titan presence. You can imagine how that went.

My second match was against stonethorn's B/W tokens deck. Again: the Walls proved to be solid, blocking fliers and giving me time. But once again I found myself overwhelmed and unable to get anything going. My Fyndhorn Elder was Unmade, stunting my mana which left me unable to go further.

What I realized in these two matches is that I always had a lot of mana. The Elder is generating mana but that's it: I might as well run Moss Diamond.  The obvious choice here is...Overgrown Battlement. It makes perfect sense: turn 2 defense and it can produce as much if not more mana than the Elder with ease. Plus it's more resilient to red damage spells. I'll give it a test run and see if this can help stall long enough to assemble a combo.

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