Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cockatrice is Down


I get some of this. I also am unhappy about it because it cuts me off from people I like to play the game with. We already put our money into paper Magic. Online Magic essentially doubles our expense. And it's unfortunate because Magic is very expensive, so really we have to choose one.

Card sales will be lost, as many people who used this program to test decks won't want to risk spending money on ideas that don't work. Relationships will suffer with people who used to play frequently not being allowed to participate in the game. (Which also translates into money not going to WotC for this game, just in a roundabout fashion.)

I understand why Hasbro/WotC took this action. But the unfortunate consequence of this action is that they are taking away a game that is ours too and acts as a way to get and keep people into a hobby that isn't getting any cheaper.

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