Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bulletproof Heart or A Tale of Two Decklists

Jason sends this to me with a note saying (more or less): Hellkite Tyrant is insane, man!
Lodestone Myr x4
Viashino Heretic x4
Voltaic Construct x3
Clockwork Dragon x3
Copper Gnomes x4
Metalworker x1

Fireball x1

Howling Mine x4
Mana Vault x1
Grim Monolith x1
Sol Ring x1
Blinkmoth Urn x3
Sun Droplet x4
Mycosynth Lattice x4

Tolarian Academy x1
Mountain x2
Great Furnace x4
City of Traitors x4
Cloudpost x4
Darksteel Citadel x4
Ancient Tomb x4 
He wants to replace Clockwork Dragon with the Tyrant and the Ancient Tombs for Cloudposts. Makes sense though I am loath to encourage Vintage decks or anything that involves Tolarian Academy. That card is banned for a reason, unless you want to deal with environments that go: 4x Wasteland, Strip Mine.

I sent Bulletproof Heart (I have no idea where this name came from) back to him:
4 Fyndhorn Elder
3 Viashino Heretic
3 Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer
4 Lodestone Myr

4 Furnace Celebration

2 Echoing Ruin
2 Journey of Discovery

2 Shattering Pulse

4 Mycosynth Lattice
4 Krark-Clan Ironworks
4 Howling Mine

4 Great Furnace
4 Tree of Tales
8 Mountain
8 Forest
Two Mycosynth Lattice decks. Mine is meant to ramp mana up and then combo out with a Krark-Clan Ironworks feeding Furnace Celebration and his wants to dump mana into Clockwork Dragon for a large flying creature or use that mana to feed Voltaic Construct in combination with Lodestone Myr. That combo lets him build a large, trampling creature. Basically, I'm saying he's compensating.

One thing we both agree on is the little known and very tiny print on Lodestone Myr that says "Play me with Howling Mine!" Seriously, it's there. You're just overlooking it. The other thing we agree on is the Viashino Heretic solution to problems.

The Tyrant has a natural fit for his deck even though certain cards become less desirable because he has fewer cards to pump extra mana into now. Just swing with Tryant and win the game--and if that doesn't work, certainly hitting for 5 in the air each turn will. Worst case, extra mana can go into a winning Fireball. That doesn't mean he shouldn't replace them, just that it's pretty clear that Hellkite Tyrant is better than Clockwork dragon.

My deck has a bigger problem: combo or die. There is no obvious choice to cut since I win in a very different manner but as Jason said, Hellkite Tyrant is insane. Passing up that kind of victory condition would need a Very Good Reason and I don't currently have one. The two cards that seem like they could go are Echoing Ruin and Shattering Pulse. I don't think I want to cut both but one of them could go and I think the deck would hold up pretty well. Testing begins today!

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