Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't Know When To Quit

I brought Any Colour up against a Modern Scapeshift deck and it was a bit like going into the time machine of Magic and playing in 1998. Two decks that are willing to completely ignore each other until one of them gets the victory condition on board. 

In this scene, my spell has been countered, the previous one Remanded and I am sitting there doing nothing, hoping that I can pull some kind of victory condition out before the other deck gets Scapeshift and kills me.

I don't. 

Sometimes I get close but it's very difficult to come back from 30 damage in a single turn. If, as I suspect, control is making a pretty big comeback into Modern (despite what everyone says about midrange decks being a thing) then a combo deck like this is pretty well positioned since it can defy aggro decks and generate enough mana to stall control decks when it wants to win the game. 

But my deck, oh no. I swapped Mind Spring for the Phyrexian Totem under the impression that with 24 lands, I could generate enough mana without issues; getting my combo set up and wining the game. However, it just wasn't doing enough and I think it's time that I face the simple facts: this deck is too narrow to be interesting or set up fun lines of play. Losing would be OK if there was a way to ensure that I would have a shot but as stands, the deck needs cards that they don't really make any more: color hosers. 

Still: I am not one to quit easily and looking at the list, I can see there is room for improvement. I have 4 Shifting Skies and 4 Dream Tides but I only need one of each to make the deck work. If I cut one of each for spells that draw me cards or disrupt my opponent, perhaps this will provide me with more time.

Thematically, one of the most fun cards to play here might be Persecute, however if I go that route I should cut the Mind Spring or Foresee for something that can be done on turns 1 and 2. I am too inactive in the early game and my late game relies on too many things going right; the only way to reliably get those late game scenarios is to bump up my early game. 

On the other hand, I am wondering if I'm just refusing to give up on this deck because I hate passing up on ideas. Should I continue to struggle with a deck I am not having fun with, just to prove a point? It seems like a real waste of energy, unless I can pick a reason for this deck to exist--for example: this is a multiplayer deck, or this deck is meant for two-headed giant formats, or this is the crappy build I show to new players to demonstrate what a bad deck looks like. 

I don't like those directions very much. Keeping something for the sake of keeping it doesn't feel like a positive thing but I hate throwing out ideas that almost work.

I think I'll keep the decklist saved in Cockatrice and dismantle the rest. There may not be many useful spells here but I'm sure I can find a better use for some of them.

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