Thursday, March 28, 2013


First, a very long but solid overview of Magic, especially helpful for newer players. It's an older post and references some cards that have been depowered for purposes of providing a more diverse game but the concepts are still pretty solid.

And I provide that because I have little today. I spent last night grinding over cards, mostly blue ones, trying to figure out what might be helpful. Mind Spring, additional copies of Foresee, Sleep, Breaking Wave, even Dream Fracture have been considered. Nothing stands out. I have not had the 'Eureka' moment which is OK but I haven't even had a 'Yeah, maybe that!' one.

This is partly because I haven't had a chance to play the deck since last Saturday but also because I am not feeling really motivated to solve this problem. A poor reason to not have this worked out but it is the one that is true. I'll try and get some changes made this weekend, see what the games tell me.

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