Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I managed one game with Colour last week; a 3 player matchup versus drowningman's G/W populate build and a mono-black build piloted by Matt with the usual suspects of big demons and discard.

The good news: my deck did what it was supposed to, playing a Shifting Sky (prompting Matt to say: 'this is one of those decks that plays color hoser stuff, right?' and I had to nod) followed by Dream Tides.

The lock was in effect. I played artifacts that could become creatures and lands that could become creatures, turned stuff red with Distorting Lens and destroyed it with Hydroblast but what I couldn't do is find a Parish or a Soul Feast to keep me alive/take an opponent out.

So I sat there and hoped and waited and did nothing but grumble while my opponents built armies.

Looking at the list last week wasn't enough, I actually had to play that misery to understand: I hate having to sit there and do nothing. It didn't help that my Foresee was knocked out of my hand by Hymn to Tourach but I'm not sure that would have mattered. What did matter was when drowningman made an 8/8 slime token and proceeded to populate that every turn. Eventually, I was overrun by 8/8 slimes and everyone else got on with playing the game.

If I cannot win briskly after establishing a lock, then the lock doesn't do any good. I don't think my situation would have changed much if I had been in a duel instead of multiplayer game either; again, I wasn't able to actively protect myself nor forward my win.

Therefore: something needs to change, most likely in the form of adding card draw. If I can increase the consistency, perhaps cards that are there for mana like Phyrexian Totem won't matter, especially since I never want to use the Totem as a creature until I've cleared the board anyway.

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