Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bad Sign

I took the shiny improved version of Skalor out to play against Noah, with high hopes that Mindslicer would be an effective tool.

He was playing a Reanimator deck, using cards like Gifts Ungiven to bring back nasties like Elesh Norn with flashbacked Unburial Rites. Throwing his hand into the graveyard was a bonus, not a bug.

OK, so...shit happens.

Let's try again, this time vs. a G/B deck Fuz is playing with Loam Dweller and...Dark Depths and Aether Snap?


Now, every deck has bad matchups and most of the time, those bad matchups are going to be against established decks. Those decks are established because they beat other stuff. However to find that my attempt at a solution runs right into an archetype that basically said; Ooooo, more of that please! then to play a deck running the one card that is pratically designed to hit this deck in the face with a shovel, bury it in concrete and throw it into the river...makes me think that Skalor is just under some bad mojo.

Sigh. I don't want to give up on this. I should also come clean and say that the one game I played against Fuz, I was in a position to win (by no means guaranteed) but I had to quit early for romantic reasons. (Don't judge. You'd've done the same.)

A few more games with Mindslicer should help me understand how the deck interacts and yes, I may just have to come back to the 'Kill things' idea. I just find it difficult to let go of Mindslicer because the interaction seems really powerful!

But with bad luck like this, I can't tell if I'm beating myself or if I'm actually being beaten. Yowza.

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