Tuesday, August 13, 2013


In my first game against stonethorn, I went: Wooded Foothills, sac, pay a life to get a Forest, tap Forest to play Wild Dogs. I'm at 19.

stonethorn's play was: swamp, go. He's at 20.

It wasn't until two turns after that when I realized I failed to recognize the upkeep trigger on the Wild Dogs and that it should have passed to stonethorn on my upkeep.

In a later game, I forgot to count stonethorn's graveyard when it came to my Tarmogoyf, which means that instead of being a 4/5, it was a 3/4.

It's clearly been quite some time since I picked up this deck. Despite knowing an absurd amount of Magic cards, I still take some basic interactions for granted. This is why so many pros advise that people play the deck they are most comfortable and familiar with: They won't overlook things and make those kinds of mistakes.

It does raise the question; why play Wild Dogs, if a bad play like this is clearly there but if I can land this on turn 1 with a Forest and then attack for 5 with that and a Spark Elemental on turn 2, that's a pretty good deal. If it's later in the game, I can just cycle them for another card.

I just can't play them off a fetchland on turn 1. I mean, seriously.

And I also keep thinking about the Treefolk deck. Ideas include: Ruric Thar, the Unbowed, Pyrewild Shaman, Wasteland Viper and some cool lands. Avoiding Ruric Thar damage is going to be helpful: maximizing it via Heartwood Storyteller is key. Might be a one trick pony but maybe it'll be a fun one, especially if I can give creatures trample without using a spell. Rancor might be worth it but Brawn might be the more interesting choice.


  1. Don't forget Roughshod Mentor from Lorwyn. He's pricey though at 6 CMC. there are other choices:
    Stampede Driver from Nemesis or even Elvish Herder why not? G for trample? sounds good man. creatures on the board do more damage than creatures in graveyard yes? maybe use brawn and The Stampede Driver to get him in the graveyard?

    1. Roghshod seems too expensive and exclusive (red is there too) BUT Stampede Driver + Brawn is an excellent notion, indeed! Herder is not bad either, but might have to make room for a mana elf.