Tuesday, August 6, 2013

(More) Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I present to you, the one match that Mindslicer has worked out: against stonethorn's Allies deck. Of course, I was assisted by him having mana issues.

And in the other games I played against stonethorn that night with Skalor, this was a common theme; I can totally take advantage of a slip up in my opponent's deck but I have a great deal of difficulty creating that edge for myself.

So. Here we are, admitting Mindslicer needing to be replaced and so it's time to ask: what's the best card to do that with?

Offalsnout comes to mind, actually, because it has a lot of utility. Flash is a very useful ability for Skalor, Evoke plays well with both Gutter Grime's ability: I could flash the 'Snout in to trigger the Gutter Grime for the Evoke cost, which could make a larger creature or boost the team, or I could Evoke it out and in response cast Gluttonous Slime, eating the 'Snout for a larger Slime, while still using the ability in certain matchups to remove cards from a graveyard.

It doesn't kill a creature outright, though.

Shriekmaw does, however and it has some of the combo elements of Offalsnot, using the Evoke cost. Bone Shredder also offers some of these things, is a flier and has a 'natural' death if I don't pay the Echo cost, again boosting up or making tokens with Gutter Grime. Creatures with similar ETB/LTB effects would be Skinrender or Shambling Swarm.

Phyrexian Plaguelord and it's minion, Phyrexian Defiler make for some interesting and old school goodness. The abilities were far better when combat damage used the stack but they still allow me to be proactive in destroying creatures that might otherwise prove problematic.

Finally, there are the lowly Disease Carriers. Again: I like this card but if nothing else, the past few weeks have insisted that Skalor needs some oomph to really shine. The other options are just better at creating an opportunity for me to do something that has impact on the board state so I'm going to go with them first.

But it's been two weeks and that's plenty of time. New deck on Thursday.

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