Thursday, March 20, 2014


Found this via Reddit.

For those who don't want to click the link, it's a graphic comparing the cost of Jace the Mind Sculptor with Scalding Tarn, which apparently are about the same cost now in American Dollars: $106-ish.

Holy cow, right? To make a proper deck using Scalding Tarn, you'd need to spend over $420.This is completely unreasonable and WotC needs to be a bit more proactive in helping keep costs for basic materials like manabases within the reach of players. Jace being expensive is more acceptable, as it is a mythic rare and is for a specific class of decks. (Usually winning blue ones but I don't want to get diverted).

Scalding Tarn is required for any solid manabase that uses blue that a player wants to take to any serious event. Even a Friday Night Magic where they don't want to be laughed at requires the best manabase one can provide.

It's just that simple; you need it to get the deck functioning at its highest capacity. And if Wizards doesn't provide a reprint of the fetchlands (as they are known) either from Onslaught or Zendikar, not only will I be amazed, I'll be incredibly disappointed. Providing players with the tools they need to play is their job. And $400 for four lands is absolutely stupid.

So don't fuck it up, guys.

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