Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'll Be Trapped

I don't want to take this one datapoint as gospel but...still a pretty fun story.

The drawback of having a job is that I only got to play one game and it was against a Painter's Servant deck running Goblin Welder to keep the win conditions on the table.

My turn 1: Mountain, Gamble for Sneak Attack, discard Sneak Attack. So that's sad.

His turn 1: Mountain, Goblin Welder

My turn 2: Mountain, cycle Forgotten Cave.

His turn 2: Ancient Tomb, tap to play Grindstone.

My turn 3: draw Sneak Attack, play Mountain, say go.

At this point that I know what I'm up against. He's going to find a Painter's Servant, and then mill my entire deck. I know it's trouble unless I can find a Seething Song to cast Sneak Attack and the drop Pathrazer (which I have, along with Nicol Bolas, Dragon Tyrant and Penumbra Wurm).

His turn 3 is spent casting Gamble, discarding something irrelevant and then casting Painter's Servant.

And I draw a Gamble. There is nothing in my deck that can kill anything he has and I concede the game.

On my drive home, I realized that if I'd kept the Pyroclasms in the deck, I could have Gambled for that and maybe given myself a chance to win.

And I laugh, because what the hell. Sometimes it just doesn't work out.

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