Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Feed One Head...

With two matches under my belt against Fuz, one told me that the deck worked fine and the other told me I needed more removal. It's the latter matchup, against aggro B/W humans that is more interesting. I lost 2-1 because I couldn't get enough removal going. When I could force a creature sacrifice every turn, thanks to an equipped Ashling in game 2, I did OK.

But as you can see, there was too much coming in from the weenie deck for me to win by putting out a Harvester and attacking for 5. He had 4 creatures of his own and plenty of land to give up so why bother?

I am considering adding just a little more removal at this point: in the games I lost, a grand total of one removal spell came up throughout both games.

So; what to pull, what to insert? 

I like Butcher Ghoul but it's clearly a pretty weak card so I'm going to pull two of those for some more removal. After dancing through a few cards-I even thought about Arrest at one point but then I realized that an enchantment that neutralizes a permanent is first on the list for sacrifice to Greater Harvester-I have decided to go with Wing Shards.

Wing Shards isn't awesome but it feels like a very strong anti-aggro card. Many aggro decks use creature type synergies to create an overwhelming advantage. In rare situations they might even use pump spells: most of the time, these will be cast before damage is dealt or even attackers are declared.

Wing Shards provides an opportunity to get 2 creatures for 1 spell which can be just enough of a roadblock that I could survive long enough to get the Harvester plan going and with eight removal spells now, I'm more likely to find what I need. At least, I hope so.

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