Thursday, February 5, 2015

House Rules

Holy moly is this new record by Heiress ferocious. Seriously! I likes the heavy metal and they do the heavy metal I likes. Moving on.

While playing Star Realms with Noah, we had a disagreement in regards to how Heroes worked. He thought they could only be activated to trigger an allied ability that hadn't gone off, while I thought they would re-trigger all allied abilities that had happened.

The rules are pretty unclear here (Crisis isn't great about communicating those rules) but in the internet age, I was able to ask the people who made Star Realms! Truly, we live in an age of wonder.

And they told me: they only trigger abilities that haven't been activated.

Well, that's lame. I'm going to have to run a few games with only Heroes from the Crisis expansion, just to see if they have an impact under those rules. Maybe they were just being overshadowed by all the other stuff!

But if they suck? I'm totally going to house rule those so they do what I want them to do. Because my way is awesome and their way is pretty weak.

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