Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Is It About The Game

I pinged stonethorn last week to see if he wanted to play cards and he responded in the affirmative, so off we were to the pub, right? It was early so I was hoping I'd have a chance to teach him how to play Star Realms, as well as get in a few matchups with Tinkertoy, now that I'd developed the new model with Trinket Mage.

We got our ales and settled into the 'how are things?' chat. The conversation went long before attention got directed towards playing a game. About one-third into teaching him  how Star Realms worked I realized; he's not into it. Not because the game is bad, but because he'd had a long day.

Sometimes that happens: your brain just doesn't want to cooperate and when it is fortified by some truly excellent imperial stout from the Commons, it's better to just call the whole thing off. We ended up going to the Lovecraft, checking out pretty women from afar and eventually I played the designated driver to get him home safely.

Because I don't just play Magic to play Magic.

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