Saturday, March 28, 2015


I don't have any Fabricate.

This isn't the end of the world, it's a chance to add in more Spellbombs...of which I only have one Sunbeam.

So, now what?

I do want to test Mana Severance. That idea just seems weird enough to work; it may even allow me to combo out without a second Vedalken Archmage and anyone who plays against this deck would likely target the Archmage immediately. Needing only one in play should make the deck stronger. Buuut I don't have any Mana Severance, either. Yeesh. On the upside: they don't cost much to purchase and I may even have the opportunity to test them via Cockatrice first.

I also remembered Jace's Erasure. I really want to use this card and it seems so, so close. When I'm going off, I'm drawing nearly half my deck anyway, right? Why not make the work of Grinding Station or Brain Freeze easier?

After sleeping on the idea, though it just feels like a 'win more' event. Once I'm officially in the combo, Grinding Station and especially Brain Freeze are exceptionally difficult to stop. I need to enable that combo, not make the combo do less work. Again, I am trying to avoid "the glory of cool things".

I think this means Trinket Mage. A solid turn three play that can act like a speed bump against aggressive decks while finding me utility pieces or Lion's Eye Diamond. My concern is that since Trinket Mage isn't an artifact, I may be gumming up the deck a little more but I'm not sure that I have a better alternative.

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