Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Little Comedy

I came across this blog via the Magic subreddit and as a player and someone who respects language, it's a gleeful website to read.

It also reminds me-and should remind anyone who reads it-how difficult Magic design really is. All of these designs go wrong in some manner and many of them are pretty basic; spelling, templating issues. Others are just power fantasies in card form, disregarding game balance and any of the subtleties that make Magic work in order for that player to have the kind of experience they feel they should have.

To actually serve the game and the three biggest formats it has right now, Standard, Draft and Commander, a whole lot of creation and refining to cards has to be done. While it's amusing to see people flail making their own Magic cards, it's obvious to me that actually making a game that is still vibrant and worth your time after 20 years takes a great deal of skill.

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