Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Inscrutable, The Irrefutable

I was playing against Noah's URW Myth Realized deck in the photo and that evening held some good lessons for me.

Body Snatcher is pretty good. Surprisingly so. Four Satyr Wayfinders has been great so far but more testing is likely needed.

The other matches I played against Noah had me wanting a second Nekrataal, especially after I milled one to a Satyr Wayfinder.

I looked for awhile and settled on Massacre Wurm, at least for now.

The 'died' triggers aren't what I'm looking for though. They are, strange to say it, too fair. Getting a 4/4 flier for six mana in green isn't bad but without a way to reliably destroy it when I want to, it doesn't make the board impact I need. The only way I have to trigger that ability is through Recurring Nightmare.

This is a crux of one of my biggest fears about Monster Man and decks like it-combo decks that use color specific pieces. What do I do if the combo doesn't show up? Or if Recurring Nightmare gets countered? If all I have is the ability to dump creatures I cannot cast into my graveyard, then I don't have a very effective deck.

This is why I've tried to keep my creatures in black and green as opposed to branching out. I want to be able to run my deck until I can regain my combo and create an advantage again.

I've been thinking about ways to make the deck more consistent and the acquisition of another Recurring Nightmare is definitely a thought and one I should act on. The other possibility that's coming to mind is getting a Sidisi, Undead Vizer. Just one for extra tutoring action but that could be huge. I have a plethora of creatures to sacrifice-Wall of Roots, Elvish Visionary, Ravenous Rats and Satyr Wayfinder are bound to exist by turn five-and this might even be a reason to add in the Destructor Dragon. Also, it would be a way to find a Recurring Nightmare, which is something no other creature offers.

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