Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pull The Trigger

I think I've taken this deck as far as I can without adding a sideboard.

I played Die Alone against Fuz this week and the first thing he said was "62 cards?" So that was awesome and well timed, too...(see the second question).

Despite Fuz questioning my decisions, the deck performed well! He brought two aggressive decks against me, a RW contraption using Madcap Skills and an Infect deck.

The Infect deck pummeled me so hard in the first matchup that I thought I: Welp, here's the big weakness. I've been waiting for a  hyper aggressive deck to pants me and infect is one of the hypeaggiest. However, we decided to play two more matches and I was able to abuse my life total to win game after game. Those games were pretty intense though, with victory always within Fuz's reach. Operating on half a life total is the kind of thing that really insists on your attention.

The number in the green circle represents my poison counter in the photo. You can see how close I am to death...until I cast the Erebos, God of the Dead I'd been holding all game. I immediately lost the bonus that Homicidal Seclusion was giving me but I gained the blocker I needed to keep the Ichorclaw Myr from killing me.

That kind of play whispered in my ear at the last moment and it was all I had; attack for six in the air, gain life, play Erebos and hope that it doesn't get any worse.

It worked. Remarkably so but it definitely worked. Those wins against aggressive decks that I've had difficulty with in the past tell me that Die Alone has some legs to it, but also that it has been taken as far as I can reasonably do so. The cards are all working well with each other and I feel like against many decks I got some game.

Combo decks, probably not so much. That would require a sideboard of graveyard hate and discard. Still, I like how this has worked out! I should try making more decks in the future. (As though I could stop....)

Anyway, here's the latest iteration of Die Alone, so you can see how it turned out!

4 Killing Wave
3 Sign in Blood

3 Homicidal Seclusion
4 Deadly Wanderings
4 Underworld Connections
2 Seal of Doom

3 Herald of Torment
3 Erebos, God of the Dead
3 Doomwake Giant

2 Eyeblight's Ending
4 Victim of Night

2 Haunted Plate Mail
2 Chimeric Idol

4 Spawning Pool
19 Swamp

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