Thursday, July 16, 2015

From The Icy Sky

Gap where Icefall Regent OUGHT to be.....
I haven't had an opportunity to test Frost Hammer in any meaningful way but, I did a search (after a few refinements) on creatures that want to do something that Frost Hammer wants to do.There were a few creatures but clearly Icefall Reagent is the one that fits best both mechanically and thematically.

So the only thing to do is go to the mighty binder of awesome and...I don't have any Icefall Reagents.

When that happened I did a tiny doubletake, thinking maybe I was in the wrong section of the binder, looking at Fate Reforged just to make sure. I thought about looking at Khans of Tarkir but then I remembered how silly that would be. I'll have to order a few but in the meantime I still want to test this deck out.

So, it's back to the list and the list includes hits like Somnophore (which is insanely good and I think I'm running in another deck), Dungeon Geists, who are the most likely option, and Frost Lynx, which is even more thematically appropriate than Icefall Reagent and amuses me greatly to run.

But I won't do that because it's the Glory of Cool Things. I already have Martyr of Frost; there's no point in making a martyr of myself while I play this deck.

I still want to test Theft of Dreams but increasing my threat density seems like a good choice too.

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