Thursday, July 2, 2015

Frost Hammer

I want to talk about Magic: Origins but since the full spoiler is supposed to be out tomorrow, I think I can wait a few days.

I remember when I thought up this deck: I was in my basement doing brewing related stuff and High On Fire's Frost Hammer song came on. It's not the best song on Snakes for the Divine (that would be the title track) but it's still pretty solid. At the time, the Titans of M13 had been released and everyone was ga-ga over Primeval Titan, with Frost Titan generally considered to be the worst Titan of the cycle. Spoiler; it isn't and someone made a winning deck with it, because blue. Still, before that deck existed, I had an idea:
13 Island
10 Snow-Covered Island
2 Ice Floe

4 Loxodon Warhammer
2 Hammer of Ruin

3 Frozen Solid
3 Ice Cage

4 Early Frost
4 Twitch
2 Frost Breath

4 Frost Raptor
2 Martyr of Frost
4 Frost Titan
2 Rimefeather Owl
1 Wall of Frost

The only goal of this deck is to equip a Frost Titan to a hammer: Loxodon or Ruin, I don't care. I can also accept the Frost Raptor getting a hammer but let's just all admit that it isn't as cool.

There is a subtheme of frost and winter there as well; Twitch being my only concession to a card that is out of theme from a naming point of view but right there with the mechanical effects of Frost Breath and Frozen Solid.

This deck is conceptually very different from most of the decks I've built, because winning isn't the goal so much as executing a thematic concept is. The shift in perspective will, I hope, shake things up in a good way. The past few decks have been more punishing in their attempt to win the game so this should be a welcome change!

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