Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sons of the North Abide

The advice I got from the reddit thread I posted this deck at was pretty simple: I was going to have to cut away the weaker cards with, at best, semi-flavorful ones while focusing on the major theme.

Wall of Frost, you gotta go.

The other card that had to be cut was Rimefeather Owl. In a matchup against Fuz, I had the seven mana to cast it and only three snow-covered lands. The stats just don't hold up. They could, sure, but decks like these really can't dick about. So: out with those and in with...I don't know what.

Because my matchups against Fuz went well, probably better than they should have. He ran an WUB/artifact deck against me that he hadn't updated in awhile and I was able to hold off against the tiny creatures and win before he could assemble any kind of combo. After the match, we agreed that his deck needed Trinket Mage, because the ability to dial up some of his utility creatures and cheap blockers would've put a crimp in my plans.

There was a match against a U/Artifact deck too and similarly, Fuz couldn't quite get it going. Even so, I made a few changes:

-2 Rimefeather Owl
-1 Wall of Frost
+1 Frost Breath (total 3)
+2 Theft of Dreams

There are very, very few creatures in the deck now and I'm starting to worry. Ten creatures isn't many and two of those are potential control cards to be sacrificed.

I ended up running Frost Hammer against a mono-B build; I was playing a stranger and for awhile I thought her deck would do me in. There was a nice balance of removal and some creatures and I was juuuust able to keep up with it.

Still; in the end I had enough Snow-Covered Islands to keep a Frost Raptor alive and the Hammers go a long way towards accelerating the end of a game. I don't think I can keep the deck in this configuration for long-the cracks will show-but it's a start.

There is a "tap permanents" theme running in this deck and it's likely that some creatures will be included to buttress that theme.

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