Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back To Your Room, Latulla

Or: Card disadvantage is a thing.

I did run the deck through one last match against Fuz, who was sticking with Sedris as his commander. I won that match yet I never felt good or comfortable about it. In game two, Fuz never saw a source of red mana, and in game three I used Tectonic Rift to cut him off of blue long enough to establish my board presence and Chandra Ablaze.

I won, so that's good, right?

Except it really isn't. I'm having trouble putting my finger on it but even in victory, I felt like my deck was limping towards it, like an amputee zombie.
In the end, I have to recognize that Latulla is a deck that just doesn't come together as I've built it. Too slow to get going in 1v1 play, asking to eliminate cards in hand for fragile if useful board effects and just not quite enough oomph to be great.

That's OK. In a deck where I don't want to play Subterranean Spirit, Goblin Bomb, or Fiery Gambit, a stronger theme or greater focus on powerful effects might be worthwhile. But I like having weird cards in these decks and so I'm going to accept that this is what it is, with a few exceptions to help mitigate the card disadvantage.

Conquering Manticore seems awesome. Reiterate gives me some tactical opportunities that I didn't have before, especially late game when these spells may count. Finally, Blasphemous Act as another sweeper and a card I can play out of the graveyard with Chandra.

It's time to shelve this deck for now. It's been grinding me and when that happens, it's usually a good idea to take a break.


  1. Latulla is only good in two forms that I can think of:
    1. Card draw+Burn+Mana Ramp (Utilizing a number of equipment to keep her protected)... basically ramping mana as quickly as possibly and just dealing direct damage to opponents.

    2. Artifact Heavy deck using her ability to both be used as a discard for artifact recursion+creature control (Again utilizing equipment to keep her protected)

    Sadly she's pretty weak as a commander since she could easily be removed with something as simple as a lightning bolt.

    1. You're not wrong on any points. But I'm looking to do something a little different b/c of Commander's looser format.

      To get this deck to really be a powerhouse, it would definitely have to take a different turn, most likely into heavy land destruction. Still, in multiplayer she might do a little better.