Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rating 15 Cards

I found a survey via Twitter (Survey here.) that asked for ratings of 15 different cards and thoughts on the set. I thought it might be fun to share how I rated these cards and explain some of my reasoning, because WotC doesn't care why I like or dislike a card, they only care that I do.

This was also the first time that I started really looking the cards for strict constructed purposes. My casual constructed, sure, but a card that is only good in limited isn't a good card and I decided to start rating things as such. The ratings were poor-marginal-fair-good-excellent and they'd ask about art, name, playability and overall value, so sometimes I made note of a difference between the play value and the overall value.

Trail of Evidence-fair (though I like art and flavor text)

Ulrich's Kindred-good-3/2s with trample for 3 are solid; the ability isn't great but it's usable.

Game Trail-Excellent-though I hated the art and the name is mediocre.

Inquisitor's Ox-fair. A 2/5 for 4 is great in limited...but that's about it. Play value was marginal.

Avacynian Missionaries-Fair. Play value marginal again. You get a heck of a nice bonus if you can flip it, but you're paying at least 5 mana for that...

Westvale Abbey-Good. Play value fair. It's cool and interesting! But I still think it's overrated.

Rattlechains-(I really like this name) and think this card is excellent.

Village Messenger-Play value fair. 1/1 with haste for 1 isn't awful but card got rated marginal b/c my opponent gets to say if I get a 2/2. And a 1/1 with haste after turn 2 isn't worth much.

Thornhide Wolves-Marginal-because a 4/5 for 5 in Limited is decent but for five mana I'd hope for more. I'll play it but not first on the curve. But that is the only time I look at this card as good: It's a candidate for my "Cube of Doom".

Invocation of St Traft-Excellent. I know it's an Aura and comes with drawbacks as a result but I read it as 3 mana; take 4 damage. That's not bad, especially in blue/white.

Stitchwing Skaab-Fair. It's got a neat trick but you don't want to repeat it.

Foul Orchard-Good. It's solid manafixing that can go in any appropriate deck and it won't break the bank of players. I'm always up for this.

Sanitarium Skeleton-Good. Turn 1, zombie. Turn 4? Repeat zombie. It's a flavor win and a decent blocker to boot.

Hanweir Militia Captain-Excellent.

Weirding Wood-Marginal. Play value Fair. Would I run this over Sheltered Aerie? Yes. Would I run this just 'cause? No. It's helpful in Limited but it's not great. A role player, maybe but definitely not helpful to draw after turn 3. I mean...Abundant Growth exists, which fixes mana and draws a card for G. Why am I paying 5 mana to draw a card?

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