Friday, April 29, 2016

Eject-Primary Tweaks

Before I shuffled Eject up, I did a search for U/W creatures with Flash.

It was a disappointing list, with Deputy of Acquittals being the only creature that really suggested it would be valuable.

There is, as they say, another. There's no reason I can think of to ignore the hot new card and Eject is running right along the lines of what Reflector Mage does in a match.

My games against Noah supported this: I had solid matchups against two of the three decks he played against me, losing against his more aggressive mono-W Kithkin deck. The wins and losses taught me more about what kind of deck Eject is: aggro tempo. I don't know if that archetype exists but I'm going with it.

Here's why: I still want to play low curve, UW creatures that get the maximum bonus from Steel of the Godhead or Thistledown Liege (or both!) but I also want to slow my opponent down as much as possible, allowing me to get ahead on turns. It feels weird to say 'get ahead on turns' but this is the goal of tempo decks. The second objective is accomplished not just by casting my creatures on my opponent's turn or at inopportune combat moments, but also with Enervate and the arrest feature of the Skynight.

So, of course Reflector Mage fits. A card like Remand would also go well, if keeping mana up was something I really wanted to do. If there are more cards with Flash, replacing Enervate with Remand might be just the thing.

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