Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Data Stymie

A lot more games, this time with Noah while he played a R/W burn deck-one of my worst matchups.

And it remains so. I played better: knowing what matchup I was in allowed me to make better choices when Impulse dug into my deck, whether or not Steel of the Godhead or Oblivion Ring were better cards, that sort of thing. Still, I was losing that matchup and some others were not quite coming together.

On a walk, a rather odd thought occurred to me: Do I need a one drop in this deck?

Would it be better to have a third Reflector Mage and Lyev Skynight, adding in two Deputy of Acquittals as ways to protect my creatures or reuse the abilities of the Mage or Skynight?

The math is in my favor; the deck speeds up by at least a turn, assuming a Liege is out: 4/4's win the game by turn 5, 3/3s by turn 7 (I'm fudging the math because a) the Zealots all have Flash, so they can be played without summoning sickness, in a way and b) Skyknight is a 5/3 with a Liege out so the math changes again). In a tempo deck like Eject, the denial of that extra turn is going to be a Very Big Deal.

So I'm going to give this change a shot. If I can increase my damage dealing with Skyknight or Reflector and stall the tempo of my opponent's decks better then it's worth exploring.

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