Thursday, May 31, 2012

Operation: Mindcrime

With a blue/black discard theme, coming up with a theme song to name this deck was easier than it usually is.
3 Expunge
2 Impulse
2 Countersquall 
3 Condescend
3 Serum Visions
4 Lobotomy          

4 Ravenous Rats
1 Blizzard Specter
3 Doomsday Specter
4 Arctic Merfolk
3 Nightscape Familiar
2 Ghastlord of Fugue
4 Man-o'-War
9 Island
4 Underground River
9 Swamp
I already have one U/B discard deck but it's very spell oriented. My attempt with this build was to give it a more creature-oriented theme, using Enter the Battlefield effects to really push it forward, instead of a spell-centric build. This was in part because at the time, spells were the way decks like this were made: the support for creatures just wasn't there yet. Over time, this deck has evolved with some better creatures, more focused on the theme while still allowing me to get an early game in (especially with Ravenous Rats and Arctic Merfolk.) Plus, this build allowed me to put in spells like Lobotomy, which just wouldn't fit in the other U/B deck.

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