Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bury it

After making a final decision on a decklist, I was off to indigo's for some game time to see how the deck worked. In two three player games, I ended up pulling it off: Scavenger seems to slow-play which works in its favor in  multiplayer games.

The two decks were U/W Delver with a Miracle bent and a Merfolk mill deck first, then a red pinger deck second. In both instances, the Delver deck struggled to get rolling and ended up using Banishing Stroke on Phyrexian Lens than anything more useful and soon I had 10/10 Lhurgoyfs coming out, coupled with Wingcrafters to make them a serious pain. In the second game, the turn after Avacyn came out, I dropped three Splinterfrights at 6/6 each. It was the kind of hurt that just wasn't going to be walked away from.

In the one 1v1 game though, I had to make difficult choices due to Bone Splinters: I don't need to sacrifice my own creatures at sorcery speed. I have enough issues as it is.

I'm also, admittedly, trying to learn how to play this deck and understand when to not care that I have to sacrifice a creature in order to get a leg up. Still, it doesn't seem like a great choice at this point, so I think I'll be looking for different creature removal. Recoil was excellent, as one might expect, so whatever other non-creature spell I put in there needs to be at Recoil's level, at least.

All of which is a long way of saying that I lost to the U/W Delver + Miracle deck. They got a reasonably fast Delver out, coupled with some savage beats in the form of Blessings of Nature and I couldn't recover quickly enough.

This deck is still on the drawing board: I'm going to stick with it a little longer. 

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