Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sifting through filth

It took me so long to figure out what the hell to do with this deck. The usual suspects of mill and poison I already had decks in that vein. I thought about a G-based mana acceleration deck with big U/G creatures but there really wasn't support in Innistrad for that and I wasn't feeling the thrill in that.

The graveyard based decks had tensions: black wanted zombies, which had no support in green, green wanted creatures that got bigger with the amount you had in the graveyard but blue wanted to play creatures that caused you to remove creatures from your graveyard. Green and black could make tokens but blue had nothing there for it.

So I decided to work a more green creature angle and this is the list I finally came up with:

       4 Phyrexian Lens

       4 Salt Marsh 
       5 Island
       10 Forest
       3 Swamp

       3 Recoil

       4 Bone Splinters

       3 Apprentice Necromancer
       4 Hapless Researcher
       4 Lhurgoyf
       4 Splinterfright
       4 Wingcrafter
       2 Fungal Shambler
       4 Urborg Elf
       2 Vorosh, the Hunter

I didn't think about replacing Opt and I wanted to keep Anavolver because it's old and cool.

Except it's bad. And I found myself goldfishing this deck with a continual set of Splinterfrights in hand and no creatures in the graveyard. So I needed something to let me play those on turn 3, and Hapless Researcher seemed to be the best choice, since I could potentially have a 2/2 out that balloons up quickly.

One concept I especially like is the potential to have my big monsters, which wouldn't ordinarily be to scary, pair with Wingcrafter. This could even work Vegas Wedding style, as the Apprentice Necromancer pops a Lhurgoyf into play for one big, near unblockable swing.

I didn't get a chance to test the deck though; I didn't really come up with it until Sunday night and there just wasn't enough time to give it a go around. But we shall see.

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