Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Mind-Body Problem

So this is what I discovered:

Against a W/B token deck, Mindcrime does alright. Even though they have flashback, cards like Man-o-War are as good as Doom Blade.

Against any green deck, I am boned. And not just boned, but spanked hard, put away wet and left to huddle bemoaning my fate. Because green monsters just don't care about the discard: they're going to come and hurt me. My creatures aren't big enough to stop them and in repeated games, I got stuck on mana.

This happened against my girlfriend, playing a midrange green deck and against Fuz playing a more aggressive Undying deck. There really isn't much to tell you about the plays, here: I couldn't get the deck rolling and in two cases, I found myself holding an Expunge and dealing with either a pro-black or hasty, repeating ghosts. Man-O-War doesn't quite make that work, especially when my delaying tactic can't be followed up with a threat.

Fuz hit me with some suggestions: Countersquall out, replace with, of all things, Parasitic Strix. I was dubious but it actually fits the overall theme pretty well. The Strix I especially like: it gives this deck a little reach that it didn't have before, as well as a cheaper, difficult to block creature. On top of all that, it falls at the 3 spot, which is one that is overlooked in this deck. Ignoring that kind of versatility when I'm having so many other issues would just be foolish.

Finally, with quite a few spells at the 4 spot, I also cut a Lobotomy and added a Darkslick Shores. Adding a land and removing one of the more expensive cards in the deck should help me survive long enough to actually play a Lobotomy when I need to. That's always a good thing.

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