Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Final Tweaks: Hurt

I found three Massacre but no more Flesh Reavers in my collection so the two Spiteflame Witches are staying in for now.

Last night's game was uneventful. This is the trouble with scheduling and people having lives. I got one game in-a multiplayer game at that- before there was a notion to change to the Tiny Leaders format (which has been interesting so far) and the Massacres never appeared. I was stuck on only one red mana for most of the game I did get to play (Thanks, Nomad Outpost!) but it didn't badly constrict was I was doing.

Still, I don't know if I've made a good choice or not. It's difficult to get enough games in with people who play a similar format of Magic to understand if I've made proper decisions.

Watching this video by AJ Sacher, I am very impressed by his analysis of the game. He has put in so much time that he can clearly articulate why he thinks as line of play is superior (the Snapcaster Mage + Serum Visions or Lightning Bolt decision around 15 minutes in is especially good, I think). And this comes while watching to people who have also put in a TON of time playing their decks, finding the best decisions they can for complicated scenarios.

I understood and even agreed with things Sacher had to say, I just don't know that I could make similar evaluations. I definitely can't make them with only one game under my belt.

Thankfully, Fuz came to my rescue tonight, including this conversation:

So there's that. I suppose you had to be there.

Anyway; when I lost I had board states that looked like this:

I think it's pretty obvious what the problem is here.

This kind of thing happens and it's precisely why cards like Solemn Offering are generally relegated to the sideboard; I am in need of some action and I can't get it.

Yet, I did draw Massacre in a couple games and it often did some work for me, killing Animar or Utopia Trees, forcing some Mogis decisions. I even managed to use Solemn Offering on my Mogis just to gain 4 life when there weren't any other targets.

However, I think I may need to adopt more targeted removal than Massacre. I don't have many creatures and keeping them on the board is relevant to my interests. At the same time, I need something that takes out multiple creatures to give me breathing space and Mogis time to work.

I don't know that I have that option. It's just too much to ask for, isn't it?

For the moment, I think I've taken this deck as far as I can. Massacre stays but I'm keeping Hurt in rotation to try and learn more. We'll check back in a bit. For now, I have a really interesting deck I want to bring to the plate.

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