Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Have I Become?

You know what's frustrating? Having your camera battery die so you can't take any (crappy) photos of your games. Visual representations matter! Sigh.

It's allllllmost as frustrating as having a new exciting idea fall flat on its face. I played against a zombies deck and Noah's Doran lead tiny leaders deck and got smashed pretty hard by both. Mogis appeared (sometimes in multiples!) but 2 damage a turn isn't much of a consideration if you can generate a ton of zombies swiftly or a squirrel every turn to satisfy Mogis's requirements.

This means that I need more removal, because at the moment, Mogis often just reads: opponents take 2 a turn and who cares? Since I can't have multiple copies of Mogis in play to stack the effect, now what?

Noah suggested two things: Cut one Mogis and find some non-red sweepers. Red sweep will ruin me but on the up side, black has many ways to destroy a lot of creatures that don't do damage. Crux of Fate is probably the newest and may very well be the best option for me. Damnation is too expensive and many of the -x/-x spells in black, like Mutilate, want a lot of swamps to be extremely effective.

But perhaps I don't need to be extremely effective. Maybe Massacre could do the trick and still leave me the option to keep a Flesh Reaver on board. On the upside, at least I know the next step and can make more changes to test it.

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