Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's Time To Bring The Fire Down

I brought out The Hollows against a R/W aggro burn deck that Noah had...and I got stomped, hard. It wasn't just the burn (although there was plenty of that) it was also that I had no removal show up in time to help me. Young Pyromancer and Goblin Rabblemaster were on the board well before I could anything going. Even Bane of the Living wouldn't come online until turn four at best. And that's assuming it survives turn three! (Protip: vs. Red burn, morph creatures die. A lot.)

So I think it's time to concede that against fire (or any seriously aggressive deck) I need removal that happens before turn four. This means that Bane and Torrent of Souls need to come out for some good ol' fashion creature sweeping spells. Terminate seems like a fine idea-cheap, instant, easy to cast and in the colors. I think I may go with it initially buuuuut I have to admit that Terminate isn't a sweeper spell.

Does this deck need such a thing? For now, I'm going to gamble that pinpoint removal that can happen on turn two is going to be better than sweeping removal that won't happen until turn three or later and takes out my team as well. I need my creatures to generate more pinpoint removal as the game goes long-as seen in my games with Jason.

There's still more to test beyond the removal question: I would like to bring in Archwing Dragon over Flamerush Rider because the Dragon has evasion. This may not matter if Death March is out but I want to see it in action.

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