Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bad Relationships

Oh, Karona, I thought you were perfect. Those games when you'd come blazing out of the saddle and produce victories from seemingly nowhere. The synergies.

But the honeymoon phase is over.

Sure, some of that is on me-but I tried. I took away those terrible cards, I put in the answers you'd need to get better. The tools were there!

OK, OK, I'll admit, sometimes I didn't use those tools correctly. I learned the hard way: Destroy Doubling Season at the first opportunity. Munda deprives me of tools. I changed, baby. I changed.

Why do you gotta treat me so bad?


So, last night I'm playing against Noah's Mimeoplasm deck which is always a difficult challenge. However, I had tools in hand: Merciless Eviction, along with a nice start to my creature base, one that was eaten by Sapling of Colfenor enchanted by Gift of the Diety.

I'm at 42ish life and I can afford to take four damage a turn for a bit but I panic instead, casting the Eviction to get rid of one creature. One. I have no other ways to get rid of it and I figure I'll draw into creatures and other good stuff.

So when Golgari Grave Troll shows up shortly after as a 13/13 I don't have any answers. And I don't get creatures and other good stuff. I get Purify. I get some lands. What I need is Patriarch's Bidding, although Wave of Vitriol would help stop the bleeding. Eventually, Noah mills both the Bidding and my Rout and that's game.

This is how I ended up losing the match: tools just not appearing as needed and some panic misplays, likely due to past experience.

Sigh. The tools are there, it seems. Am I just in need of practice or having a run of bad luck? I don't know. Practice, for sure.

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