Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Destruction Is Never Enough

Although I was able to hit the ground running, what games I got in didn't tell me much. That really isn't my fault: I don't think that I need to actually demonstrate why a turn three Emrakul via Show and Tell is a victory condition.

It happened twice. Now, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth but damnit, how am I supposed to get data if I can't...get data?

I did have an interesting experience with Emrakul, the Promised End that made me wonder if it was the right card for the deck.

In a game three against Lauriel, who was piloting an aggressive RBW deck and she'd gotten me down to seven life, when I was able to cast Emrakul, the Promised End via Fist of Suns.

One the one hand, that felt really cool to do. On the other... so many of her resources had already been used that there wasn't much of a turn for me to take over. I had one giant creature and while it was invulnerable, I certainly wasn't. She ended up swarming me on her next controlled turn and that was that.

Now, one bad experience does not define everything but on the other hand, I'm fairly confident that if I had had Emrakul 1.0, the annihilator ability-but more importantly the opportunity to draw another card- might've put me in a position to win that game. I don't want to cut that, though; it's an interesting mental puzzle to work out when Emrakul 2 comes out.

That said, I may have to try and find a way to stay alive long enough to get to turn five, or make turn five happen earlier.

I'm headed to Seattle this week so I'm not sure that I'll have a post set up for Thursday but by next Tuesday, I hope to have some cool stories.


  1. Cheating in eldrazi feels like a show and tell deck strategy than a fist of the suns strategy. How about crystal Quarry as a land? Or maybe utilizing the Ultimatum cards? Or progenitus...that's card. Or if you were a jerk like me throw some reality twist in there and slowly lose your friends.

    1. Some high CC spells are a direction I hadn't considered and almost certainly should

      CQ means that I need 6 lands instead of just 5-although it might be interesting to test-but it also can't be searched for via Harrow.

      Channel of the Suns could be a very interesting idea!

  2. I am also surprised to see no channel of the suns