Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ghost Tweak

After the last tweak to Ghost, the stage was set for further improvements.

-1 Mosswort Bridge. This card made sense when I could dig up an Avenger or Molimo and reliably get creatures with 10+ power on the board. Now, who knows?

-1 Elfhame Palace. Removed to make room.

-1 Forest. Removed to increase threat density.

The additions were as follows:
+1 Gavony Township. This was added because the engine that lays lands in this deck are two small creatures. The opportunity to make them large should not be avoided.

+1 Stirring Wildwood. If I had two Wildwoods I would have removed both Palaces for them. I do not and while they are cheap, the My Money rule kicks in because I have a:

+1 Treetop Village. O.G. manland baby!

With these three cards, the manabase becomes part of my threat count and having to overlook creatures because I'm drawing lots of lands becomes less of a drawback.

I still need creatures though and now I need them in multiples, since I ditched the big guns.

Enter Enshrined Memories. This is one of those cards that I look at and think: How did I not know about/use this card before? It's scalable, it gets me what I want in a green deck: more creatures and I have five copies of this card. Five!

That's why I love the weird cheap rares that nobody cares about, pulled from the .50 bin. Suddenly I find the perfect fit for the card and anyone who plays me has to read it twice to remember what the hell I'm doing.

That feeling is sometimes more satisfying than winning.

So, -2 Worldly Tutor and +2 Enshrined Memories. Now to test it out!

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