Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Is There A Ghost? still has some issues.

In my first matchup, vs a U/W/r wall deck, I probably played a bit too slowly; I was getting greedy and though I had two Chameleon Colossus on the table and the mana to boost them both, along with a Kodama of the South Tree, I didn't have the mana to cast a spell, making them 5/5s and then boost them.

In short, I should've been playing to win, instead of playing to win overwhelmingly. I got worried because my opponent (stonethorn) had 4/4 and 5/5 walls but I should have been more concerned about how much time I was giving him to set up and win. He didn't but he could have and the point is: I should've made the best play.

The Angel of Flight White did its job very well though, returning to me many a spirit and keeping this deck going when other tricks were failing to arrive. Eventually, that was the key to winning: the fact that I just kept getting creatures back.

My next game was against against a G/B birthing pod deck. We played two games; both of which had me getting out a Chameleon Colossus and riding it's protection from black ability to victory. I think there was a slight miss by everyone with Primordial Hydra, as I seem to recall it being cast for 1 and staying at that power/toughness until I ran over it with Colossus beats.

That said: I managed to cast Enshrined Memories once and it got countered, so at least I know that it was important enough to counter. I had plenty of mana thanks to the Elder Pines and as a method to refill my hand with creatures, stonethorn felt it was a big enough problem to stop. Plus, the manlands were effective as a consistent threat I could bring out if everything else went awry and I could easily activate them without feeling a mana pinch.

Still, this deck feels like it's lacking a big push, the element that makes it scary. Perhaps it doesn't need that but with spirits being one of the tribes in Innistrad block, I am going to keep my eyes open for other spirits that may help this deck. As it stands, the Changeling Titan might come out for more Flight Whites because of the evasion and durability they bring to the deck.

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