Thursday, December 29, 2011


Named after the fearsome Dinobot, Sludge is a deck that wants to muck up the most precious part of any deck: mana.
4 Limited Resources

2 Monstrous Hound
4 Benalish Emissary
2 Firebrand Ranger
3 Faultgrinder
3 Pangosaur
2 Thornscape Battlemage
3 Farhaven Elf\
3 Lash Out
3 Graceful Reprieve
3 Rith's Charm
2 Naya Charm

1 Decimate
2 Implode

6 Plains
5 Mountain
3 Jungle Shrine
3 Naya Panorama
7 Forest

A deck that tends to be crushing in multiplayer and a bit too weak for 1v1, I don't play Sludge that often. Sure, it has my usual selection of questionable creatures choices (looking at you, Pangosaur!) but the use of Limited Resources and land destruction in multiplayer wreaks havoc on most any deck. Conversely, it doesn't have as great an impact on 1v1 because most decks can function very well on only five mana.

The problem is that in 1v1, its functionality is questionable and in multiplayer it can rapidly become unfun. Nonetheless, this is about science! We must study it!

Or not; I really just want to know if maybe, just maybe, it's time to dismantle this deck. It's got a solid game to it, why shouldn't I play it? Every so often, opponents can deal with the unfun, right? So let's roll the bones here.

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