Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bad matchup

"Hey, I want to test this new Commander deck I built," and I thought: great! I can play Rhys and get something to write about!

His Commander? Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite.

So. That's a problem. I want to produce a whole bunch of 1/1 creatures. He wants to get to 7 mana and kill them.

Now to my credit, I removed a Ferocious Charge for a Mask of Avacyn because my Commander is fragile and everyone knows it has to die. Nevertheless, each game I played can be summed up as: I got some swings in then Elesh Norn appeared and everything I had died.

So what do I need?

1) Enchantment search. I have three different enchantments that can help me and I need a way to find them.

2) Better control elements. What is this deck: aggressive or defensive? It's not a control deck (beyond the control elements every Commander deck needs) so what's the point of Pacifism or Entangled Vines? Given this deck's style I ought to be able to have bigger and badder sweeping elements because I can recover from them faster than my opponents.

Checking the Commander forums to see if I can get any ideas from other players I see that there are some cards I've overlooked, like Fresh Meat, Spawnwrithe, Ant Queen, Seed Spark, Emeria Angel and Cloudgoat Ranger.

Whoa. Seems like I've overlooked some pretty key cards that could help make this deck much better. Time to get cracking on that.

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