Thursday, February 16, 2012

Math is cool

A couple of interesting articles using math:

First, one on the number of lands you could or should run in Limited.

Next, an article on the fallacy of running only and ever only 61 cards. Some good brainfood--but don't get wrapped around the axle either. Some of the rules in Magic exist so we don't go insane.

Still, if you're not already reading Mr Chang's articles, you are missing out. He's doing some of the best strategy theory I've seen in years.

I don't agree with everything he comes up with, for example, his recent article on why blue is the best color (because it gives you more choices!) should also be read with the comments, as they come out and say: not so much. Blue is frequently the best color because it is given the two strongest abilities in the game at higher regularities and for cheaper costs than other colors, namely card draw and stack interactions but having more choices overlooks the mechanical elements that unbalance the game.

Still, it's worth reading. I don't suggest that everyone start building pro-caliber decks: I merely want to know what choices I am making and why and these articles can help with that. Any reason is valid, so long as I'm willing to accept the consequences.

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  1. I love this statement:
    If a W/U Delver player plays turn-one Island into Ponder, he doesn’t have a Delver.